CJ Onsen Massage   日本温泉按摩  日本お風呂




   Japanese Onsen / Ofuro & Massage Service


    Onsen is a term for hot springs in Japanese language. Japan has

    thousands of onsen scattered along its length   and breath.

    Traditionally, onsen were located outdoors and Japanese believe

    onsen water has healing powers derived from its mineral content

    and it helps relaxation. Japanese people believe that a good soak

    in onsen heals aches, pains and diseases, and visit onsen to treat

    illness, such as arthralgia, chronic skin diseases, diabetes,

    constipation, menstrual disorders and so on.









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   Onsen suits your soul.

  Massage suits your body.




Business House:  Daily from 10am - 10pm (7 days a week)







1/2-hour   $30


1-hour   $60


1 1/2-hour   $90

  Table shower is available. Try our new service. Washing your body by our therapist's soft hands.   Onsen / Ofuro: Traditional Japanese style for relaxing your body and soul.
(Appointment Only)
  A 30 minutes session is a minimum time for those who is in a rush or willing to try our service.   A one-hour is our standard session which includes a comprehensive body massage treatment.   A 90 minutes session is the best massage treatment which allows your body to receive excellent bodyworks and stress or pain relieve.  











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